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Investment opportunities in Brazil after 2008 Credit Squeeze

Current Status: Most of the Brazilian commodities producers are in a liquidity crisis due to mismatched interest rates for its debt and revenues. The interest rate charged by Brazilian Banks is incompatible with commodities low margin gains. 

Investment Thesis: A new private equity partner and/or Securitization of  future years production  is an opportunity to participate in the high growth potential of the Brazilian agricultural and commodities business  with companies and entrepreneurs  that  are the leading players of the market, have a strong image of reliability and bring together  well conceived  assets and management . 

Value Added: K&C will be able to institute professional management techniques, Governance and together with our business partners develop a prime capital markets execution platform designed to make private equity and receivables securitization transactions less risky, operationally efficient and cost-effective.   It provides suppliers with scalable, revolving funding facilities created through the securitization of the corporate revenues flow via local and international capital markets, strengthening the company’s balance sheet, opening doors for future strategic partnerships and enhancing its image in the market. Finally, our Clients will be totally free of Brazilian withholdings taxes over capital gains if our financial structure is correctly implemented.

K&C and its business partners can develop and apply structured credit, and investment management, techniques thereby generating real benefits to its Clients, Investors, Associates and Shareholders and collaborating towards the development of capital markets in Brazil.

The innovative platform handles all aspects of a securitization transaction – from initial setup and structuring, to daily funding, collateral valuation and all aspects of liability management, including production monitoring and performance assessment.

Our superior structuring and origination capabilities, in-depth knowledge and experience in local and global capital markets enable us to develop the investment package that will bring client needs and market demands together. K&C  directly participates in all phases of the funding process, i.e.: