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The Team

The Company’s management is made up of experienced professionals with complementary knowledge and skills, the majority of which has been working together in the financial services industry as a team for over 5 years.

All its executive directors participate in the day-to-day running of the businesses thus guaranteeing their total commitment to the business and quality of services provided and of the investments made.

Andrés Kokron - Managing Director

An expert in private equity, risk management and structured financing, Andrés Kokron joined K&C in April 2009. Prior to this, Mr. Kokron was for 5 years the head Risk Manager of Banco de Investimentos Garantia and Banco de Investimentos Matrix.

At GP Investments (largest Latin America’s Private Equity fund manager), he was for 8 years the Controller and COO of US$ 1.3 billion total assets under management. Next came the opportunity to work as Controller of ALL América Latina Logistica SA a public logistic company located in Curitiba , Paraná State.

Right after ALL Logistica, Andrés was the Head of Compliance and Partner of Mauá Investimentos an asset manager with US$ 1.6 billion under management. Mr. Kokron also was CEO of Banif’s Bioetanol Private Equity Fund.

Notably, as CEO of the Fund’s SPV he was directly responsible for the sale of a Greenfield Bioenergy company to Archer Daniel Midland with a 55% return on equity. Mr. Kokron holds a BA degree from Fundação Getulío Vargas.

Andres Kokron

Alexandre Pimentel Cravo, Founding Partner and Managing Director

An expert in trading and arbitrage in foreign exchange transactions using spot, futures and options. Mr. Cravo was for 6 years the foreign exchange Trader at Banco de Investimentos Matrix.

Mr. Cravo holds a BA degree from Fundação Getulío Vargas.

Alexandre Cravo

Alexandre Mastrocinque

He worked for six years at Banco de Investimentos Credit Suisse passing through areas of controlling and managing the bank's results as responsible for risk management actions and credit, asset pricing, reconciliation of results and managerial accounting, preparation of financial statements, control cash flow and cash position bag.

Previously, he worked as an auditor at PriceWaterhouseCoopers accounting for 3 years.

Alexandre has a degree in economics from the Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of São Paulo, USP and accounting from the Pontifical Catholic University - PUC - SP.

Alexandre Mastrocinque